igooods First version of an app for express grocery delivery

2016 — 2018
iOS, Android

Project features

  • Enhanced shopping experience—buying online became easier than going to the store.
  • Syncing with catalogs from stores for up-to-date prices and discounts.
  • Unified shopping cart on the website and in the app for switching between devices.
  • Barcode scanner for a faster add-to-cart flow.
What we did
Project features

Full-screen map to show the best delivery options

igooods offered two delivery options: delivery to the door and pickup from a store.

As the key part for both scenarios was a map of the stores, it became the first thing the user would see in the app.
Full-screen map to show the best delivery options
Image №1 - igooods

Delivery to the door

To save the user’s time, it’s critical to show them straight away whether their address is within the delivery zone. If it is, we show only stores that deliver to this address.
Image №2 - igooods

Pickup from a store

If it’s not possible to deliver to the user's address, they can select a store for a pickup.
Pickup from a store
Screens stub

No dead-end scenarios

Sometimes users change their delivery address at the checkout. This change poses risks: some products might not be delivered, or the new address might be outside the delivery area. We've come up with an idea on how to tackle this.
When the address is updated, we tell the user that the delivery might be unavailable, or the list of the items in the cart might change.
Image №8 - igooods
If the user still wants to change the address, and it’s outside the delivery area, we suggest choosing a nearby pickup point.
Image №9 - igooods

Replacement options for a better product choice

igooods has set the standards for shoppers on how to select products, based on food quality, expiration date, and packaging condition. At the checkout, the user chooses a replacement option, to let the shopper know what to do if an item is of poor quality or out of stock.
Image №13 - igooods Image №14 - igooods

Connecting customers with their shoppers

The user can see real-time updates when their shopper replaces and bags groceries. In case of a problem, they can call the shopper through the app.
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Order history with actions at each stage

Each order status has its own color, details, and actions. When shopping is in progress, the user can switch to online tracking and call the shopper. When the order is being delivered, they can contact the delivery driver. Once the order is received, they can place another one.
Image №17 - igooods Image №18 - igooods
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Increasing customer loyalty with feedback

After the delivery, we suggest rating the service, products, and packaging. If there is a spoiled item in the delivery, the customer can add its photo and write a comment to get a replacement.
Image №20 - igooods Image №21 - igooods
We made it possible for customers to report the items they couldn’t find in the app. The user can see the button at the end of the catalog and on the “no results found” screen. If the item becomes available, they will receive an email notification.
Image №22 - igooods Image №23 - igooods

Unified cart for a seamless shopping

The website and the app have a unified cart: the user can start adding the items to the cart on their computer and continue in the app.
Image №24 - igooods

Lazy registration

Asking the user to register before browsing the catalog would make them leave the app. But without user’s registration, we wouldn’t be able to save their shopping progress.

We solved this problem with “lazy registration”. It means that we let the user browse the catalog without registration, and once they add an item to the cart, we create a basic anonymous account. If the user proceeds with the order, they complete the account set-up at checkout and don’t have to create an account from scratch.
Image №25 - igooods Image №26 - igooods

Benefits-oriented onboarding

For first-time users, we added a deck-of-cards tutorial to highlight the benefits of the service: quality of the goods, familiar stores, and fast and eco-friendly delivery. The onboarding is quick, clear, and easy to skip if the user wants to.
Image №27 - igooods

Expanded brand identity

The graphics and illustrations created by our designers for the app fit in well with the igooods’ visual identity, reflecting its eco-friendliness.

While designing the app, we applied the principles of a user-friendly interface. We made everything straightforward and intuitive, including all the settings, options, and buttons.
Image №28 - igooods
After the app release in 2018, the number of mobile users grew many times over. The same year, igooods raised $30 million in funding, and in 2020 their turnover doubled.

After the release, we handed the project over to the in-house team for further development and support. Some of our app mechanics and user scenarios were so successful that igooods’ team implemented them on the website.
2016 — 2018