igooods First version of the app for quick groceries delivery from hypermarkets

2016 — 2018
iOS, Android

Project features

  • We designed the shopping experience to be more convenient than going to the store.
  • Synchronization with catalogs and promotions of different hypermarkets to display current prices and discounts.
  • Shared shopping cart on the website and in the app for shopping from different devices.
  • Barcode scanner for quickly adding items to cart.
What did we do
Project features

Two delivery methods

igooods offered two ways to get products: delivery to the door and pickup from a postamat.

The customer starts his app journey from the map. So, it is the key part of user experience.
Two delivery methods
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The app tells the user whether the address stands in the delivery area to avoid forcing him to do extra work. The delivery radius is limited, so we need to identify and show only stores capable of delivering orders to the user.
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If the user's address is not included in the delivery area, we suggest selecting a store with a pickup point.
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No dead-end scenarios

The user can change the delivery address after collecting the cart. Additional risks emerge from that: not all products can be delivered, the new address can not be in the delivery area. We've come up with a way to mitigate the situation.
We warn the user on the address change: the delivery may not reach him or the cart composition may change.
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If a change of address is unavoidable and there is no delivery, we offer the nearest self-pickup points.
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Helping to choose the best products

igooods has standards for the goods selection by buyers: appearance, expiration date, packaging condition. At the checkout, the user chooses the scenario for the buyer to act on if the goods are out of stock or are of improper quality.
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Online order packing

The screen displays all collected items and replacements in real time. If something goes wrong, the buyer can be called from the app.
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All orders by states

Each order state has its own color, information, and actions. At the time of assembly, the user can switch to online tracking and contact the buyer, at delivery — contact the courier, after reception — place another order.
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Feedback for loyalty increase

After delivery, we offer to evaluate the work of the staff, the packaging, and the goods. If there is a damaged product, the customer can attach its photo and write a comment to get a replacement.
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We made a feedback line in the catalog to find out what goods are missed by the users. It appears at the end of the catalog and on empty search results. The user will receive email notification in case of the product's appearance.
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Website synchronization

Shared cart for the app and website: the user can start putting it together from the computer and get back to it from the mobile device.
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Silent registration

Registering before browsing the catalog would have caused user rejections. After filling the cart, the progress could have been lost if the user left the app.

We made a "silent" registration. As soon as the first item appears in the cart, a basic account is created. The user completes the registration at checkout.
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Onboarding on service advantages

We tell the product benefits to users in the first introduction.
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Identics enrichment

Our designers created new illustrations and graphics for the app that fit perfectly with the igooods corporate style — it reflects the eco-friendly nature of the service.

We used a friendly interface principle in the app design. Functions, buttons, settings — everything’s in sight and doesn't require a long time to figure out.
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The audience and customer liked user scenarios that we’ve worked through: igooods website has adopted the mechanics from the app.

We had been working together from 2016 to 2018 and handed over the project for support and further development to the iGooods team. In 2018, the company raised $30 million in investments.
2016 — 2018