OhMyMilk An app and a website for selling ice-cream straight from the manufacturer

2019 — 
iOS, Android, Web


OhMyMilk is a manufacturer of ice-cream and other dairy products that supplies its produce directly to the final consumer.

The platform distributes fresh dairy products with a short shelf life, leaving store shelves out of the process. In 2016, they launched new online stores in two different cities, and just in 4 years, grew their delivery services by 66%.
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Sales volume
Kilograms of products
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OhMyMilk aspired to become the largest ice-cream producer and dairy products distributor in the country. To achieve this, they decided to boost their online sales channel and engaged us in 2018 to develop an app for their online store.

Then, in 2019, the company asked us to redesign the existing website to be closer in style and design with the newly developed app.

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Together we launched a mobile app that turned out very user-friendly. Then we started thinking we should change the website design: make it go along with the app and also work on a more user-friendly interface for our customers.
Project Manager at OhMyMilk
Project features
  • Works on iOS and Android.
  • Keeps advanced customer information.
  • Suggests delivery terms based on the user’s location.
  • Keeps discount cards and offers promotions.
  • Accepts payments from legal entities and individuals.
  • Tracks order status.
  • Sells over 100 SKU via catalog.
  • Scans promo codes right from the package.
  • Collects user feedback and ratings.
  • Engages with cute animations and intuitive interface.
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We made the website and the app an integral part of the business process
A digital product is just as important a part of the business process as the collection of milk on a farm. That's why our team concentrated on:
  • What problems customers experienced with the first website version.
  • How the store processes orders.
  • What the company's admin panel is like.
  • How quickly milk from the farm turns into the delivered ice cream.
Staying in line with the company’s corporate identity
Created animated interface elements to provide assistance and keep users engaged
The app is an unfamiliar experience for the OhMyMilk customers.
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That is why we added an onboarding flow that shows how to use the app.

Tooltips help users navigate the interface, while cute animations keep them engaged and help order products.
Even if something doesn't go as expected, the mascot will offer assistance and give useful hints.
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All the important functions are on the home screen
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Search by product
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Product tab
Image №23 - OhMyMilk
Flavor filter behind
the animated icon
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Favorite category selection
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Highlighted items
Image №26 - OhMyMilk Image №27 - OhMyMilk
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With detailed description
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With ingredients
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And recommendations
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We designed a catalog of flavors in a tile layout
When selected, the tile becomes active and flashes in the color associated with the flavor.
Integrated loyalty program and discount cards
Users can activate and link OhMyMilk discount cards on the profile page. The selected product appears in the cart with the applicable discount.
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In the app, users can also add promo codes and pay with points. They can type promo codes manually or scan from packages.
Delivery terms are calculated automatically
At OhMyMilk, delivery terms depend on the customer's location and the size of the order. Both the app and the website display the final delivery cost right away, and the customer can choose a convenient day and time slot.
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Order history and customer information available on all platforms
We created an app for the online store, connected it to the old website version, and then linked it to the new one. Users could log in both to the app and to the new website with the same usernames and passwords.

This way, we kept all the previous user data in the new versions: discount cards, order history, promo codes, addresses, and personal information. What we did was just polish up the interface and improve customer data retrieval mechanisms.
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Users choose the most convenient payment method
Wholesale buyers, parents and other customers can pay by card online or in cash upon delivery. Retail stores—by invoice to the legal entity.
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We work with individuals, but since local stores also want to buy products from us, we've designed an option for that. We have less than 1% of such clients, and, for the time being, we are invoicing them manually.
Project Manager at OhMyMilk
We adapted the website to fit all screen resolutions
Usually, the website design does not go beyond a 1440-pixel screen format adaptation. However, the year 2020 showed that 1920x1080 screens were the second most popular format in the world. That’s why we adapted the website for all resolutions up to 1920 pixels.
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OhMyMilk app easily coped with high demand in April 2020, when the self-isolation period induced online sales across the world. The number of daily orders skyrocketed by 150%, and over the summer, this number reached 5,000 orders a day.

Now OhMyMilk gets 40% of all its orders through the mobile app.

The average rating for the app on the App Store is 4.9
on Google Play - 4.4
2019 —