How we work
Business research
We make sure a business is ready to create a digital service: study its IT infrastructure; choose the best technology stack and platforms; assemble a project team, estimate project timing and budget.
  • Product Strategy
  • Market & User Research
  • Website and mobile app audit
  • Timing and budgeting
  • Team assembling and introduction
Approach block 1
Analytics and prototyping
We collect and analyze requirements for a future product, interview users, design user scenarios, and make a first product version.
  • User story mapping
  • Functional specification document
  • User interface prototyping
  • Technical specification
Approach block 2
Concept and design
With a prototype we have, we try on several design concepts, from conservative to the boldest. When a concept is chosen, we create a design and make it multiplatform.
  • Design concept development
  • Usability Testing
  • Design system
  • Animation and illustrations
  • Guide engineering and buildout process
  • Icons and screenshots for stores
Approach block 3
We design scalable architecture, write clean and stable code. We set up all IT environments, connect libraries, solve specific technical tasks, build interaction scenarios with third-party services and publish apps on stores.
  • Technical documentation
  • iOS and Android development
  • Frontend development
  • Backend and API development
  • Manual and automation testing
Approach block 4
Project handover and growth
After we launch a product, we stay to help it grow. We form and validate hypotheses to help monetize and promote a new solution.
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Setting up dashboards
  • Service level agreement support
  • Project-based work according to KPI
  • Handover to client's in-house team
Approach block 5
Our team