Climate EQ

B2B mobile app for a climate equipment manufacturer and distributor
2020 — 
iOS, Android

Project features

  • App as a B2B sales tool.
  • Product catalog with factual warehouse stocks, replacement search, advance orders requests.
  • Online ordering instead of communication with managers.
  • Digital bonus card for store and online purchases, issuing extra and partners cards.
  • Order status tracking with detailed shipping info.
  • Reporting and documents: accounts receivable and invoices on orders.


Climate EQ launched a mobile app for digitizing B2B sales to installation companies, private specialists and retail customers who purchase the equipment from the firm and resell it to end clients along with design and installation services.

Company has an online portal for business customers. But the issue is that installation specialists are working at various locations and can’t always use the website. So a hypothesis emerged that a mobile app will work better for demonstrating the products and placing orders right away.

Company research and MVP testing

We began the project work by diving deep into the company’s business processes and IT infrastructure. For that, we’ve conducted a pre-project interview with Climate EQ stakeholders both live and remotely.

We interviewed the core audience — employees of engineering and installation companies and retail stores.

We studied their customers’ behavior and learned which app functionality would facilitate their workflows.

Based on these interviews, we created a User Story Map to plan the functional scope of the app’s first version.

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Personal conditions for each user

We defined several in-app roles to digitize different user communication scenarios and divided the app for them.

Online order: quick and faultless

  • Customer Customer
  • Installation specialist Installation specialist
  • Manager Manager
  • Operation employee Operation employee
  • Manager Manager

B2B customers used to order products from the managers by calling or emailing them. The order went through several specialists from placement to confirmation and its info could be lost or distorted.

  • Customer Customer
  • Installation specialist Installation specialist
  • App App

Online order is placed directly to avoid faults and uncertainties. Automation takes the load off of managers: they have more time to work on the complex customer requests, so the overall quality improves.

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Debt information

Customers used to learn about the debt overdue when the next order could not be placed. In order to learn which invoices should be paid, they needed to call a manager.

Previously, customers requested invoices and received it as Excel files and opened it on a computer only.

Currently, a mobile app displays all information on accounts receivable.

Payment and invoices export

Current release features two payment methods depending on the customer conditions: pre-payment and post-payment.

Users can export an invoice with a QR code from each order to quickly pay from any mobile bank.

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Product card for professionals

The card helps the installation specialist to search for products on the spot, shows them to customers, and talks about them.

No need to look for the product info in search engines and on websites anymore: documentation, mounting information, replacements — the product card contains everything that is required to assist the choice of a product.

Image №9 - Climate EQ
Image №9 - Climate EQ Image №9 - Climate EQ
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User interviews results have shown that the installation specialists need videos to demonstrate to their customers how the AC unit or ventilation system will look.

The app shows the amount of items remaining in stock within pieces.

We displayed all the equipment specifications to the product card in order to help the installation specialists to choose the product.

Detailed product description.

Certificates, compliance declarations, mounting drawings — the user has everything at hand.

We added the relevant products to the card to spare the installation specialists a separate manual search.

Featured similar products to offer the customers a multiple choice.

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Bonus card at hand

B2B customers can issue bonus cards of three types.

  • Image №10-1 - Climate EQ

    General — allows users to accrue discounts and points.

  • Image №10-2 - Climate EQ

    Partner — can be shared with an individual.

  • Image №10-3 - Climate EQ

    Extra — is received by the company's employees. It is automatically linked to an in-app profile.

In-app bonus cards can be used for online and in-store purchases.

Orders and shipments tracking

Products can be located at different warehouses and arrive separately, so tracking has an extra feature of details on items and shipments.

Users can collect the products as they arrive without having to wait for the entire order to be completed.

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Climate EQ customers have received a mobile tool for easier deals.

The app has reduced the journey from introducing the item to the Climate EQ catalog to its end user. It lifted off a part of managers’ routine tasks, reduced the amount of errors because of an incomplete or inaccurate information transfer.
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