Ekonika A mobile app for a footwear and accessories retailer

2019 — 
iOS, Android

Project features

  • A monobrand app for omnichannel sales.
  • Displaying the information according to the customer’s location: range, availability filters, map of stores.
  • Multi-level loyalty program with the client card purchase history.
  • Subscription on the items missing with notifying.
What's done
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Focus on items

We created a simple catalog that leads users to the item right from the home screen.
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Image №4 - EkonikaImage №4 - EkonikaImage №4 - EkonikaImage №4 - Ekonika
The way to the sections inside the catalog goes through the upper tabs.
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Filters allow users to sort the range not only by item characteristics but also by availability in a particular branch.
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Item card: buy or reserve

The item card allows users to buy shoes and accessories online or to reserve and try on the items in store.
The app shows users sizes available and the size chart when adding to cart.
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Item subscription

The app suggests subscribing to the item if the size needed is currently missing. It notifies the customer as soon as the required item becomes available.
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Reserve to try on

Shoes purchases more frequently are proceeded in-store. The users can reserve the item through the item card to be sure it will be available in the particular store.
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New offline shopping experience

We united online and offline sales channels into an ecosystem.

Barcode scanner for browsing amongst the entire range

In-app barcode scanner serves as a virtual consultant. When pointing at the price tag the user gets the full information about the item. If the size needed is missing, the app will show its availability in other stores.
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In-app loyalty program

Customers can add Ekonika's loyalty card to the app. It won’t occupy the space in the wallet anymore and will always be close at hand.

The card can be used in stores and for online shopping. If the user adds it to the app, the catalog will display prices with the card discount.
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Each level has its own color code. After upgrading, the profile screen background changes completely.

The app also will show the amount of bonus points and how much are left until the next level.
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The process: working with other contractors

When working on the project we needed to join forces not only with the client’s in-house team but also with the third-party backend developers.

Image №22 - Ekonika We organized the workflow based on our standard processes: first of all we made API provisioning, then agreed with the backend team about the time frame to be completely synchronized.
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Ekonika released the app and gained its audience: over 2 000 users installed the app daily.

We continue to develop the app: we collect customers' reviews, offer, and implement new features.
2019 —