Read City Mobile app for a bookstore chain

2019 — 
iOS, Android

Project features

  • The app focuses on content and displays collections, carousels and reviews, providing links to items.
  • Pickup option suggestions based on the user’s location, order weight check when selecting the delivery option, order tracking on the home screen.
  • Loyalty program with e-bonus card and balance tracking.

Book helper

Our finished design is no ordinary online store, but a thoughtful assistant who always has an answer to that ever-present question: “what should I read next?”
Image №1 - Read City

Homepage like a bookstore window

The home screen displays a few carousels with deals, new arrivals, books and other items, and articles. Each carousel has its own design, but they all complement one another.

We displayed sections with editorial content in two formats: icons for quick access and a browsing feed.

Image №2 - Read City
Image №3 - Read City

Articles and collections

Every day «Read City» editors editors work on themed collections and write reviews to help readers find new books.

Image №4 - Read City
We integrated items right into the articles and collections, so the user can add them to their cart directly. This way, we shortened the user's path from first look to purchase.
Image №5 - Read City
Image №6 - Read City

Easy search by title, author, or series

The user can view all search results or narrow them down by selecting a particular author, book, or series.

Image №7 - Read City
Image №8 - Read City

The helping product card

We placed quick actions that cause different results on the sidebar: add to bookmarks, come back later, or read an excerpt right now.

We motivate customers to buy an item by showing how many bonus points they will get by purchasing it. New arrivals can be pre-ordered.
Image №9 - Read City
We also designed a big presale section with tips for further reading. We display similar reads, new releases, and bestsellers in the same section.
Image №10 - Read City Image №11 - Read City
Image №12 - Read City

Online loyalty program

The user can check their bonus card balance, save up bonus points, or spend them online and in stores. All bonus points for previous purchases are now on the app.

Image №13 - Read City

Cart with bonus points

We tell the user how they can get a bonus card, or offer them to sign up for it right in the cart.

We display both the original price and the price after discount, so the user can see how much they will save if they buy the item straight away.
Image №14 - Read City
The user can delete or move an item to favorites with a swipe.
Image №15 - Read City
We protected users from accidental errors: all actions can be canceled.

Order delivery with multiple conditions

The app suggests a variety of nearby pickup points: a bookstore, a partner store, or a delivery service office. It uses either the customer’s location or their search for a location to do this.

Image №15 - Read City
«Read City» offers several types of pickup locations: bookstores, several delivery services, or the post office. We show all locations on the map and display the one nearest to the user on the bottom bar.
Image №16 - Read City

Weight restriction warnings

When placing an order, the weight of books and other items in the cart is taken into account, preventing the package from being overweight. If the parcel is too heavy, the app suggests dividing it into two orders or changing the delivery method.

Image №17 - Read City Image №18 - Read City
Status tracking

Order tracking

When the order is placed, the user receives notifications according to the advanced status system. The user tracks when the order is accepted, when picking starts, when the order arrives at the warehouse, and when is passed to the delivery.

Image №19 - Read City
The order status is displayed on the home page and the user sees it as soon as they open the app—there is no need to search for it.
Image №20 - Read City
Order 1 Order 2

Visual concept from scratch

We offered our client 10 designs for the key sections of the app so that they could choose the one that matched the brand's style the best. When working on the design concept, the team focused on the brand colors and the icon style.

We designed icons, buttons and illustrations that align with the «Read City» style.

Visual concept

In just three and a half months, we designed, developed and deployed an iOS app for the large bookstore chain. Then we did the same for Android.

The app became a new sales channel and helped to both keep current customers and attract new ones.

2019 —