Sportlife Mobile apps for the clients and trainers of the premium fitness clubs

2014 — 
iOS, Android

Project features

  • The apps are for the customers and trainers.
  • There is an inbuilt social network for shaping a community around the clubs.
  • Gamification: clients can compete with friends and other users.
  • Unique custom menu and dashboard on the home screen.
  • The app shows a membership card, users can sign up for workouts and other services through the app.
What's done
Project features

Increasing loyalty through social interaction

Increasing loyalty through social interaction

Increasing loyalty through social interaction

SPORTLIFE needs to motivate clients to come to the gyms, because regular visitors are more likely to renew their memberships.

We analyzed user habits and came to the idea of making a social network with user rating and visit statistics.

We introduced ratings and increased competitive spirit. The stats show users the frequency of visits and reduce the entrance fee cost. It motivates clients to go to the gym.

Create profile

Each user has a profile page with his photo, status, links to other social media, friends, and sports achievements. Just like any other social media.
Create profile Find friends Rating

Find friends

Users can see who is in the gym right now and add them to their friends.

The app synchronizes contacts from your phone, so it is easy to find out if any of your friends are already SPORTLIFE members.
Find friendsFind friendsFind friends

Be the leader

We designed two rating systems: friends and all clients. The user can get to the top of the first one and then try the other.

The client gets points for visits and personal training sessions. Depending on the points and the rank, the client receives a virtual award at the end of every season.

The statistics show how intense and effective the workouts were. This motivates clients to come to the gym more often.
Current season Past season
The statistics show how intense and effective the workouts were. This motivates clients to come to the gym more often.
Yearly statistics
Top 100 gold silver
Yearly statistics
cup bronze star

Unique customization

The app offers many services, however, not all of them might be of use to the particular client: some customers prefer group workouts, others — personal sessions with a trainer.

We have designed the bottom navigation bar and the home screen, so they could be customized to fit individual goals and interests. This is unique for app development markets.
settings Statistics Activity

Fitness club services

Services help to plan the visit: to choose a workout, schedule a massage, or other care treatment.

Choosing the gym

We designed the map that shows the remoteness of SPORTLIFE clubs and the workload in real time. Each gym is color-coded to indicate its key feature: women only, pool, no pool.
Club address
Map with clubs Club profile

Membership card

The user can forget his membership card at home, but not his phone. That’s why the app already has his virtual membership card on it.
Club card Club card

Group workouts

The app shows the up-to-date group workout schedules for all gyms — they will help users find the best workout, create a personal training schedule, and will notify them in case there are any updates.

Online wellness appointments

The customer can choose a care treatment and book the time for his appointment on the app.
Appointment time

Personal trainer sessions

Choosing a personal trainer has never been so easy. Rating, fitness experience, client statistics, session price — it’s all in the app.
Trainer profile

The app for trainers

We developed a separate app for trainers. Trainers can make schedules, keep client records, chat with clients, and check the payment status for individual sessions
The app for trainersThe app for trainersThe app for trainersThe app for trainers

See the progress

The app tracks weight changes. If the user uploads weight data regularly, the app makes a graph showing the ups and downs on a weekly, monthly, and yearly scale.

Trainers can keep track of the client results in their profile.
Weight statistics

Engaging push-notifications

We set up push notifications for motivation and information.

We notify the client about the upcoming workouts or cancellations.

The user gets a push when their friend comes to the gym — a pleasant reminder that it's time to go too.
Push notificationsPush notificationsPush notifications

Managing user membership

SPORTLIFE clients don’t need to call managers to find out when their membership expires. All statistics are already in the app.

Clients can extend their membership and make a payment right in the app.

In-app payments

We have made a deposit account to pay for workouts and care treatments. The client can link this account to their bank card.

The list of transactions helps keeping track of the client’s budget.

Loyalty program that motivates

The loyalty program has elements of gamification: the discount on the membership extension is credited for different activities. The user monitors the discount level in the app and sees ways to increase it. There is also an internal currency that can be spent on the membership extension.
Motivation program
Internal currency is credited for activities, such as inviting a new visitor through the app.
Loyalty program Discount
Discounts are credited for loyalty, activity, and consistency.
We have designed the app for clients and a CRM tool for trainers. We worked on a few versions of the app, redesigned the project several times, and we continue working on it. There are more releases for the fitness industry to come.
2014 —