Yakitoriya Mobile app for food delivery from restaurants

2017 — 2021
iOS, Android


Yakitoriya is a Japanese chain restaurant. The chain operates under a franchise agreement in major European cities. In February 2020, Yakitoriya opened its hundredth restaurant.

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Yakitoriya decided to design a new delivery app. The company needed its own service to compete with delivery aggregators and restaurants' own delivery services.

The company wanted to see a modern, functional design and a recognizable brand language.

Problem solving process


We designed the app using the Yakitoriya visual language and corporate style created earlier by a third-party studio. White, black, and red colors conveyed the Japanese aesthetics. Dark background outlined the bright and appetizing photos of the food.

Our designers created UI elements from scratch: badges, icons, and empty states. They added dynamics and interactivity to the brand's signature patterns.


App launch animation

We added animated elements to the welcome screen. The app quickly downloads the figures and patterns in high resolution and adapts the animated elements to any device.


The card has a photo of the food, which takes up ⅓ of the space, and also includes ingredients and nutrition information. The user can add a sauce, wasabi, and ginger. When browsing, the user can add the food to the cart or to favorites to order later.


Thought ordering process

Restaurant map with a filter

When a user chooses where to go for lunch or where to spend the evening with the family, certain things like parking or the children's room can be important. We made search filters that make it easy to find the nearest restaurant that has everything the user is looking for.

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Customer support

If something goes wrong, the restaurant visitor calls the waiter, whereas the app user goes to support. Online support will answer every question.

Data integration

Yakitoriya uses an internal accounting system to track orders and meals availability in the restaurants. The app has to work based on this data. We developed a solution: a middleware backend that integrates with the internal accounting system, resizes photos and reconfigures data for the app.

We made the app ready for peak load times

Restaurants get busy at certain times. On weekdays, the number of orders increases at mealtimes. Whereas weekends and holidays are always busy.

The Yakitoriya app has to work quickly, even at peak times. We balanced the load so that not a single order is missed and the server capacity distributed the sudden spikes in requests.

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The Yakitoriya app ensured delivery and helped the chain to implement a high-quality online service for its users.
2017 — 2021